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The GIS Ambassador Program: Connecting K-12 educators with the GIS community

Have you heard about the GIS Ambassador Program? Through the program, GIS professionals and students can become a GIS Ambassador and share their passion for using GIS in the classroom. Find out how many GIS Ambassadors have signed up for the program so far and how educators can connect with one in the fall.

How Esri Canada 2016 GIS Scholarship winner studies ancient history with ArcGIS

GIS is an important tool for archaeological work. Find out how Kendra Garbutt, the 2016 Esri Canada GIS Scholarship recipient from Mount Royal University, used GIS to study social structure in the ancient city of Meroë in Sudan.

What events can K-12 educators attend this fall to learn about GIS?

Conferences and workshops are an effective way to network with other educators and to find useful resources and tools that can enhance your teaching. Start your fall planning by checking out the conferences running in the new school year for K-12 educators who are interested in finding new ways to integrate GIS in their teaching. Come meet a member of the K-12 education group who can help you get started.

2 ways to document and share your summer adventures using ArcGIS

For many of us, summertime is a time of adventure and exploration. A great way to share your summer experiences is to document them in fun and interesting ways. Find out how you can do this by using different Esri applications, and share your story map to win a prize and maybe your summer adventure will be highlighted in a future blog post!

GIS in the classroom: Carson Lau a student with the GIS-edge

As GIS educators, we value the work teachers are doing with their students across Canada. It’s rewarding when students understand the importance of what they learn and figure out how they can use it in different subjects. Find out how a student in Toronto has used ArcGIS for Desktop to learn about Canada’s physical geography while also grasping the importance of GIS in the real world.

Let’s celebrate National Aboriginal Day with educational resources

Tuesday, June 21st marks the 20th anniversary of National Aboriginal Day in Canada. It’s a great opportunity to discuss Aboriginal peoples’ traditions and important contributions that have been made in our country. Explore our ArcGIS Online resources with an aboriginal focus that can be used in your teaching.