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ArcGIS for Canadian Municipalities

ArcGIS for Canadian Municipalities

ArcGIS for Canadian Municipalities includes a series of comprehensive apps built on a harmonized Canadian Municipal Data Model. The apps are immediately downloadable and customized specifically for Canadian municipalities, allowing you to increase citizen engagement, improve transparency, reduce public inquiries and more. Our specialized data model connects silos of information across your organization and integrates processes among departments so that you can work more effectively.

Canadian Municipal Data Model
ArcGIS for Canadian Municipalities is based on a harmonized data model that brings your operations to life. Referred to as the Canadian Municipal Data Model, it connects silos of information in a municipal organization, helping to run operations more efficiently, communicate more effectively, save time and money, and engage citizens in more meaningful ways. In addition, it also supports data sharing between municipal, provincial and federal agencies.

The data model includes a series of essential foundation layers and operational information designed to reflect specific application requirements and the cartographic design elements necessary to produce rich, multi-scale maps.

The data model can be configured to support specific business needs in your organization by selecting and implementing specific themes, or by adding fields and modifying field and layer aliases to reflect terms more widely used in your organization.

Polling Place Locator for Canada App
The Polling Place Locator application can be used by municipalities and other organizations responsible for managing elections to provide timely information to the public. It offers 24/7 access to the organization and typically supplements customer service phone numbers. 

Using the intuitive Polling Place Locator app, voters can locate their election polling place, get driving directions, comment on conditions at the polling place, and obtain information about candidates.
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Election Results for Canada App
The Election Results application provides election results and other information to the general public via the Web.  It provides 24/7 access to the organization, supplementing traditional methods used to disseminate election results. Users can locate an address or view election results from almost any mobile device.

The application is highly configurable and works with the Canadian Municipal Data Model.  It can be deployed and used on desktops, smartphones or tablets.
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Fire Hydrant Inspection for Canada
Fire Hydrant Inspection offers a map-based view of a hydrant inspection program. It allows staff to load hydrant information, assign inspections and publish online fire hydrant inspection maps that can be used to conduct field inspections. If you don’t currently have hydrant information in your GIS or you discover missing hydrants while in the field, you can collect the missing hydrants with your location-aware smartphone.

The application is configurable and works with the Canadian Municipal Data Model.  It can be deployed and used on smartphones or tablet devices (using Collector for ArcGIS).
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Get the Apps and Data Model
The application templates and data model are available for download from the ArcGIS for Canadian Municipalities Group.