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Esri Canada Community Maps Program

The Esri Canada Community Maps Program provides a cost-effective and efficient framework for organizations to share their geographic information with the online public. The program enables organizations across Canada to contribute their geographic information to be published as community maps on ArcGIS Online, a Web site for finding and sharing GIS content and building communities.

The available maps are rendered with uniform cartography, cached and integrated into a World Topographic Map on ArcGIS Online. The global map is compiled using best available authoritative data from numerous sources worldwide.

View a map of participating communities. Check out featured Canadian community maps at

Why participate?

There are numerous advantages to making your content available through the Esri Canada Community Maps Program. Benefits include:

  • Free and easy access to detailed, accurate and high-performance online community basemaps that users within and outside your organization can leverage to develop innovative GIS applications to support areas such as economic development, disaster management, elections planning and community outreach.
  • Reduced costs associated with making your data widely available, such as setting up and maintaining the infrastructure and hosting online map services.
  • Significant time and cost savings in developing high-quality community basemaps. Esri Canada will return your data in ready-to-use ArcGIS Server map cache format, allowing you to publish it in your own Web applications and services.
  • Promotion of your organization's valuable GIS work.

How do I participate?

Please contact us at

Download the Esri Canada Community Maps Program brochure to find out more.

Latest News

Updates to the Canadian Community Imagery Basemap
Two Community Maps participants’ imagery contributions were published to the Imagery Basemap on ArcGIS Online. The City of Quesnel, BC provided 10 cm imagery from 2008. It's visible at 1:1,128 and 1:2,256. 

The other community that published imagery this week is the Township of Langley, BC. It also provided 10 cm imagery dating from 2012. It's imagery is visible from 1:1,127 to 1:36,112.
>>See and track all Canadian image and vector contributions.