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Your best point of contact will be determined by the type of situation that you are experiencing. Below is a guide that can help you to determine when to contact Esri Canada Technical Support vs. Customer Care.

When do I contact Esri Canada Technical Support?
  • Installation and Authorization (post install)
  • Error messages
  • Software crash
  • Not operating as expected/documented
  • Documentation issues
  • Other technical issues regarding the use of your Esri software

Phone: 1-877-441-0337
Online: Technical Support Request Form
Web Portal: Technical Support Portal

When do I contact Esri Canada Customer Care?

If you are having a problem with, or have questions about:

  • Creating or accessing an Esri Global Account
  • The Esri Customer Care Portal, including:
  • Tokens (to associate licenses to a global accounts)
  • Authorization numbers
  • Provisioning files
  • Software downloads
  • Your invoice
  • Your sales order or maintenance renewal
  • To request a token or physical software media

Phone: 1-800-447-9778                                   
Online: Customer Care Request Form