Map your way to better business decisions. With 95% of corporate information tied to a location, mapping your data reveals insightful trends that are often not readily apparent.

Esri Business Analyst is a complete system for analyzing and visualizing your data.  It is more than software; it comes complete with a wealth of high-quality Canadian data, so you can immediately perform deep analysis of demographic and consumer trends. When combining it with your own data, you will quickly gain a greater understanding of your customers, competition, market and trends.

Business Analyst can be deployed across your organization (Business Analyst Server), accessed as a web-based solution (Business Analyst Web and Mobile Apps) or used on a stand-alone desktop (Business Analyst for Desktop).

This level of analysis would normally be out of reach for small businesses because it would be far too expensive and take weeks to conduct. Research that used to take up to two weeks can now be accomplished in a matter of minutes or hours.

Su Baker, Business Analyst, Community Futures Okanagan

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Esri Business Analyst can be used for:

Market Planning & Site Selection
Use customer data to evaluate the performance of existing and potential for new store locations. Create and adjust market capture area boundaries based on customer counts or sales and calculate your market penetration. Decide where to locate, relocate, remodel or close a store. Forecast supply and demand for your goods and services in a specific area.

Customer Profiling & Prospecting
Create profiles of your most profitable customers, including their location, income, demographics, spending habits and interests. Conduct drive time analysis to see how far your customers will travel. Conduct targeted marketing campaigns and make targeted merchandizing decisions to save time and money.

Analyze sales, competition and market penetration by location to drive decisions about geographically targeted marketing efforts. Concentrate marketing spending where it will yield the best results and gain insights into how and where customers engage with your brand via social media.

Territory Design
Design, analyze and manage geographic territories to improve sales, franchise, distribution networks or service areas. Visualize your current territory distribution to analyze sales or market saturation and identify gaps. Then balance your territories using your customer and existing territory data combined with demographic, business and consumer spending data.

Esri Business Analyst is a complete system available on:
Esri Business Analyst Desktop combines GIS analysis and visualization capabilities with extensive data for better insights on your customers.
With Esri Business Analyst Server, you can collaborate and share models and analysis across your organization.
Esri Business Analyst Web and Mobile Apps deliver location-driven market insights at your fingertips.
Business Analyst Desktop and Server are available in Canadian and US versions. Business Analyst Web and Mobile Apps support access to data for multiple countries, including Canada, by specifying which country’s dataset you wish to work with during your online session.


Esri Business Analyst (Canadian Edition) incorporates comprehensive data from top providers in one powerful, flexible package. 
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