Corporate Responsibility

Corporate Responsibility

Building a Sustainable Future

As the leading provider of GIS solutions, Esri Canada is committed to providing responsible leadership for building a sustainable future. We strive to do this by initiating, adopting and maintaining programs that positively impact our employees, customers, society and the environment.

Corporate social responsibility is a foundational value and integral part of our business mission.  Our corporate responsibility focuses on engaging our employees and the communities we serve, as well as enhancing and protecting our environment.

We support our communities through corporate giving initiatives, the Esri Canada GIS Scholarship Program and environmental partnerships. Strengthening our commitment to the environment, we completed the installation of a new green roof at our headquarters in Toronto in June 2009.

Caring for the Environment

We initiate and participate in programs, activities and partnerships that protect and enhance our environment. Our green roof in Toronto is a popular site for urban environmental studies. It has also become a model for researchers working to advocate green roof bylaws in their own municipalities.

We support organizations focused on environmental conservation through financial and software donations.

Fatal Light Awareness Program (FLAP)

Esri Canada has been named to Chapter 150, a group of visionary business leaders helping to connect the Trans Canada Trail and all Canadians. We donated $1 million in technology and services to build the Trans Canada Trail Explore the Trail app, which allows the public to view the Trail online.

We participate in the Fatal Light Awareness Program (FLAP) dedicated to safeguarding migratory birds in urban areas. We developed FLAP Mapper, a web app that will help build the first global database of bird-building collisions.

We developed a Gum Shoe Application that maps gum pollution and brings awareness to how a seemingly innocuous material like chewing gum contributes to a plastic polymer environmental health issue.

As well, we continue to support environmental organizations including Ducks Unlimited Canada and the World Wildlife Fund.

Supporting Our Communities

Through the committed efforts of our employees, Esri Canada supports an array of broad-reaching community projects that touch the lives of many in many different ways.

We pursue partnerships with national and local charities dedicated to mobilizing communities for positive social change.  Since 1997, we have contributed more than $1 million to local community service organizations through our partnership with the United Way.  Esri Canada has a matching gift program and matches employee contributions to the United Way at a rate of 200%.

We provide financial support to Peacebuilders’ International, a non-profit that focuses on keeping youths in school and out of the criminal justice system. They provide youths in conflict with a fair process and appropriate access to justice, and facilitate non-confrontational, healing dialogues between youths and community members.

In addition, we encourage our employees to participate in volunteer events across the country. As passionate volunteers, they have donated countless hours to various causes that support local communities.

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