Industry Leadership

Industry Leadership

To help advance the GIS industry, we initiate partnerships and programs that promote collaborative innovation.

GeoAlliance Canada

Esri Canada is a founding member of GeoAlliance Canada, which leads and unifies the activities and resources of various geospatial organizations in the country and promotes the value of the geospatial community.

Community Map of Canada

The Community Map of Canada is a comprehensive national web basemap built from authoritative data and updated daily. It fosters innovation by providing free access to accurate, up-to-date maps and data for a wide variety of applications and encourages best practices for basemapping across the country.

GeoFoundation Exchange

Esri Canada develops and maintains the GeoFoundation Exchange (GFX)—a national, collaborative and open data exchange for accurate and authoritative geographic basemapping data. The GFX powers and optimizes the production of the Community Map of Canada. Authoritative basemapping producers in government can efficiently leverage this common exchange to reduce their basemapping costs and improve the products and services they offer to their end users.

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