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Assessing Condos Using 3D GIS

By Amrit Brar, BC Assessment, Canadian Property Valuation, 2014

Geographic Information Systems(GIS) play a crucial role in producing independent, uniform and efficient property assessments. BC Assessment (BCA) has recently completed an initiative to take GIS to a whole new level by executing an innovative pilot project to explore the feasibility of adopting 3D GIS for assessing condo units in downtown Vancouver. This is the first time in the world that an  assessment organization has used 3D GIS technology for the purpose of property assessments.

University Perspective – Esri Canada Centres of Excellence

By GoGeomatics Canada, August 25, 2014

At six schools across Canada, geography programs are preparing to integrate a brand new collaboration into their programs – the Esri Canada Centres of Excellence (ECCE).

Dr. Brent Hall Talks to GoGeomatics about Esri Canada Centres of Excellence

By GoGeomatics Canada, August 11, 2014

GoGeomatics recently published a press release on the launch of the Esri Canada GIS Centres of Excellence in Higher Education. To get a better understanding of these new programs, we caught up with Dr. Brent Hall, Director of Education and Research at Esri Canada.

Q&A: Esri Canada’s GIS Centres of Excellence Initiative

By Adena Schutzberg, Directions Magazine, August 5, 2014

Last week Esri Canada announced the first of its GIS Centres of Excellence (press release). Here is a bit more detail on the initiative.

City of Peterborough Increases Efficiencies and Reduces Spending with GIS Solutions

By Mike MacLean, Geomatics/Mapping Manager, City of Peterborough, Municipal Monitor Magazine, July 2014

ArcGIS has enabled Peterborough to easily integrate data from numerous sources and efficiently create Web and mobile apps to support many staff and realize cost savings. 

3D Vision: BC Assessment’s Cool New Tools

By Elizabeth Wilson,, June 2, 2014 

BC Assessment is going high-tech. See how it's using sophisticated new 3D analysis technology that allows appraisers to pay a virtual visit to a property without leaving their desks.

Geospatial information: Changing the way we conduct operations

By Chris Thatcher, Vanguard Canada, February/March 2014

If C4ISR is at the heart of the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) joint agenda, then geospatial data is the  essential element that underlies the data of intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance. In recent years, geospatial analysis has transitioned from a specialist trade to a forces-wide capability that will only grow as demand for information rises with the introduction of new battle management systems and data distribution solutions.

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Travel back in time with a bird’s-eye view of Toronto through the years

By Jessica Smith Cross, Metro, February 19, 2014

A new, free online map of Toronto lets users search for a location and then scroll through history to see a bird’s-eye view of how the city has changed over time. The Toronto Historic Maps tool was built when local historical maps enthusiast Nathan Ng teamed up with Chris Olsen, a tech support employee at Esri, a California company that makes mapping software.

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Interview: BC Assessment Uses 3D GIS Modeling For Determining Building Valuations

By Jeff Thurston, 3D Visualization Magazine, February 4, 2014

Large cities like Vancouver are beginning to deploy 3D modeling and analytics for building valuation assessments. This new approach offers many insights and advantages for understanding building value that were previously difficult to obtain. Jeff Thurston interviewed Jason Grant and Hart Mauritz of BC Assessement and Michael Lomax of Esri Canada to learn about this new 3D-based approach and how the project is proceeding.

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Following the Fire: How a small B.C. community keeps its residents safe

By Linda Johnson, Canadian Security Magazine, January/February 2014

Read about how the Regional District of Central Okanagan used Esri's cloud GIS platform to efficiently disseminate emergency evacuation notices to residents during the 2012 Peachland wildfires in British Columbia.

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Lay of the land: the role of geospatial data in mining

By Chris Lo, Mining Technology, February 4, 2014

Geospatial data is the bedrock of mining, and GIS are making this data clearer and more detailed. Esri Canada President Alex Miller and Esri Mining Specialist Willy Lynch give an extensive overview of the evolution and benefits of this technology in the mining industry.

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Mineral Exploration

By Paul Moore, International Mining, February 3, 2014

Making the best use of available data through better modelling and interpretation, combined with new technology to shed light on deeper ore bodies are key factors in the current challenging mineral exploration market. This article features several mining companies that use technology to improve mineral exploration success. Read about how Barrick Gold implemented ArcGIS Online and created the Barrick Online Mapping Portal to make information flow and their operations more efficient.

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Map Monday: How open data is revolutionizing online maps

By Kathleen Clark, Canadian Geographic, February 3, 2014

After working three summers on Halifax's Harbour Hopper, Jeremy Tupper from Dalhousie University could probably give you a city tour in his sleep. Fortunately he won't have to because there is a Web app for that. And he made it. Read about Historic HaliTour, his Web app built with and hosted on ArcGIS Online, which was selected as one of the winning apps in Esri Canada’s Maps in Apps Challenge at the recent Apps4Halifax contest.

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Halifax Announces Winners of City's Open Data App Challenge

TechVibes, January 22, 2014

Esri Canada and Halifax have announced the winners of the Maps in Apps Challenges at Apps4Halifax, the regional municipalities first open data app development contest. The contest, open to both startups and students, required participants to develop apps that would improve Halifax residents’ lives using Esri’s cloud-based ArcGIS Online technology and content, and the city’s open data.

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Recognition, far and wide

By Bob Snowden, St. Michaels University School Blog, January 10, 2014

The St. Michaels University School’s Geography Department has been awarded a grant of Esri technology and training under the Esri Canada GIS in Education Grant program. The grant will help teachers to easily apply GIS to enhance learning in the classroom.

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Online map nets national recognition for St. Albert

By Victoria Paterson, St. Albert Gazette, January 4, 2014

Read about the City of St. Albert's Art in Public Places app. The app, which uses ArcGIS Online, is one of 15 maps and apps featured in Esri Canada's 2014 calendar.

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Cloud mapping brings government services down to earth

By George Kouroupis, Esri Canada Technology & Solutions Director, Municipal World, January 2014

Explore how Nova Scotia improves health services delivery and engages citizens in conservation efforts through Web maps.

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