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Getting Focused: New Web Mapping Approach Points City of Coquitlam Towards Greater Productivity

Roadrunner, Fall 2016

Discover how the City of Coquitlam moved away from a one-map-fits-all approach to developing more focused GIS apps that deliver better services to stakeholders.

STARS Air Ambulance awarded for use of navigation technology
By Dave Lazzarino, Edmonton Journal, September 20, 2016

Esri Canada acknowledged STARS’s innovative use of GIS in reducing response times to emergencies with an award of excellence.

Marketing Fire Safety
By John Kobarda & Paul Voegtle, Fire Fighting in Canada, August 29, 2016

Read about how London Fire uses Esri demographic data, maps and analysis to reduce residential fires.

Climate Watch Shorts: How the urban heat island effect makes record-setting heat worse
Video by Sat Nandlall, TVO, August 4, 2016

Dense metropolitan areas can be as much as 3C hotter than rural areas because of the amount of buildings, asphalt, people and cars. This phenomenon is called the urban heat island effect. But there are ways to combat the effect. Green roofs, such as the one at Esri Canada’s headquarters, replace hot black shingles with cool plants, creating green space and alleviating one factor that contributes to the heat in the city.

Raise the Roof
By Jason McBride, On the UP, Summer 2016

When Alex Miller, the president and founder of geographic information systems specialist Esri Canada, decided to install a green roof on his building, he hoped its grasses, shrubs and trees would create a comfortable and picturesque environment in which his employees could relax and gather. 

Streamlining Operations with Software
By Francois Gilbert, Senior Water Resources Engineer for Hydro-Québec,  Hydro Review, June 2016

By creating a new suite of analytical software, Canadian utility Hydro-Québec was able to build a system better suited to managing its dozens of reservoirs while more accurately balancing water resources and power generation.

Wayward Son

By Adam Carter, CBC News, June 17, 2016

This article includes an Esri web map that shows locations of significant events in the Tim Bosma case.   

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Interactive map: See exactly where the Manitoba fires are located

Winnipeg Free Press, May 9, 2016

While wildfires in the Whiteshell threaten more cottages and force evacuations, this map shows where the active fires are located, according to Government of Manitoba data. The data is collected through various sources including field crews who suppress the fires, MODIS satellite and hand-rendered maps.

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Fort McMurray Wildfires Public Information App

May 5, 2016

Esri Canada has released a web app that shows current wildfires in Fort McMurray, Alberta, and related geotagged social media content, traffic and weather information. The app was used by the following news outlets to complement their news coverage of the wildfires:

2016 Branham300 Report, April 20, 2016

The Branham300 is the definitive listing of the key players in Canada's information and communication technology industry. For their 2016 report, the Branham Group collaborated with Esri Canada to deliver the information via an interactive app.

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Saskatchewan Election 2016: Brad Wall says win will protect province's interests

Huffington Post Canada, April 5, 2016

See how an ArcGIS-based election results app developed by Esri Canada complemented Huffington Post's news coverage of the recent provincial elections in Saskatchewan.

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At the speed of light

By Gord McGuire, Manager of Geomatics & Corridor Management, City of Hamilton, ReNew Canada, March 11, 2016

Read about how the City of Hamilton replaced 10,000 streetlights with LEDs on time and under budget--with the help of mapping technology.

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Map explores the stories of Canadian women heroines

By Alexandra Pope, Canadian Geographic, March 8

Using their ArcGIS platform, Esri Canada has created an interactive story map highlighting the journeys and accomplishments of Canadian heroines in honour of International Women's Day.

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'One Day I Will': International Women's Day celebrates past, aspires to future

By Marlene Leung, CTV News, March 8

To mark International Women's Day, Esri Canada released an interactive map showcasing the achievements of Canadian heroines.

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