Discovering the World Through GIS - November 15, 2017
GIS Day 2017 will take place on Wednesday, November 15, during Geography Awareness Week. This event plays an important role in creating geographic awareness throughout the world. GIS Day celebrations educate millions of children and adults in more than 80 countries on the benefits of geography and geographic information system (GIS) technology.

In 2016, more than 90 organizations across Canada hosted GIS Day events.  Thousands of organizations worldwide participated in this grassroots effort by hosting open houses, lectures, map galleries, games and other activities for people to learn about geography and the uses of GIS.

Host a GIS Day activity in your community

Help make people aware of the substantial contributions that GIS makes in their community every day. Join thousands of GIS users who open their doors to schools, businesses and the public to showcase real-world applications of this innovative technology.

Everyone can host a GIS Day event, large or small.  There are many ways you can participate:

  • Get ideas by reading our GIS Day blog post.
  • Download this PowerPoint deck that explains what GIS Day is, how it started and who it's for.
  • Check out the ArcGIS Online resources & activities for use in the classroom in our GIS Day Canada gallery.
  • Visit the GIS Day Resources page for new ideas, postcard templates, videos to show at your event and more.

This site also contains many valuable resources to help you plan, promote and host your event.