BIT18 - Bring IT, Together!

Esri Canada is pleased to once again take-part in this year's BIT18 - Bring IT, Together! in Niagara Falls, ON. from November 06 to 08, 2018.

Meet our team and learn how GIS allows educators to engage their students effectively, and to help them develop the critical thinking and spatial analysis skills needed in today's globalized workforce. GIS is used for academic research in colleges and universities, school boards and campus administrators to manage facilities and monitor student enrollment, and by libraries and museums to make important connections between places, people and events.

The 2018 Bring IT, Together conference is Ontario’s premier educational technology conference. There are more than 100 workshops that specifically focus on the effective use of technology to support learning and teaching. In addition to hands-on workshops and sessions there will be networking opportunities and demonstrations of new technologies by vendors who are knowledgeable about using technology to meet the needs of the 21st century learner.

We look forward to seeing you there.


Tue, Nov. 6 - Thu, Nov. 8, 2018
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Scotiabank Convention Centre
6815 Stanley Avenue
Niagara Falls ON L2G 3Y9


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