CUTA Annual Conference and Canadian Transit Show 2018

In partnership with Metrolinx and the TTC, CUTA will host its annual conference in Toronto from November 18 to  21, 2018. The conference will link CUTA's members and stakeholders to industry trends, information sharing and networking opportunities with a special focus on the theme Putting the Customer at the Heart of Transit. This conference is held in conjunction with the Canadian Transit Show.

Meet our team and learn why now is the time to invest in GIS, a sophisticated mapping technology that has helped many organizations overcome operational challenges and drive improved profitability. Leveraging all of the geographically-referenced data that exists in your corporate systems - such as demographics, traffic and public transit ridership data, construction and development plans - to uncover what might not otherwise be visible or understood in a multipage report or complex spreadsheet.

We look forward to meeting you there.


Sun, Nov. 18 - Wed, Nov. 21, 2018
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Metro Toronto Convention Centre - North Building
255 Front Street West
Toronto ON M5V 2W6


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