Esri Canada User Conference - Halifax 2019

Esri Canada User Conference - Halifax 2019


Note: Not all presentation slides are available as they have not been approved to post.


Discovering GIS as the Intelligent Nervous System  - Alex Miller, President, Mark Ho & Sumaiya Siddiqi, Technical Solutions Specialists & Mike Gregotski, Team Lead, Technology Adoption - Esri Canada 

ArcGIS: See What Others Can’t - Chris North, Director, Mark Ho & Sumaiya Siddiqi, Technical Solutions Specialists, Mike Gregotski, Team Lead, Technology Adoption & Paul Voegtle, Product Specialist, Location Analytics  - Esri Canada

User Presentations & Technical Sessions

The ArcGIS Platform and Operations Management - Matthew King & David Cook, Nova Scotia Department of Fisheries & Aquaculture

Improving Crisis Response Using ArcGIS Online - Roger Dick & Cory Sanford, New Brunswick Department of Transportation

How New Brunswick Makes Its Maps Accessible - Bernie Connors, Service New Brunswick

Where Do I Vote? Leveraging the Power of GIS in Support of Electoral Administration - Pierre Gareau, Elections Nova Scotia

Integrating GIS to Smaller Public Safety Operations - Daniel Arsenault, City of Edmundston

A Hub Approach to Collaboration & Engagement for a Small Municipality - Maggie Pitts, Cumberland County

Take Your Map to the Next Cartographic Level - Heather Smith, Esri

Comparing ArcMap Assistant Attribute Workflows to ArcGIS Pro Attribute Rules - Julie Roebotham & Lauren Wilson, Esri Canada

Play Well Others: Best Practices for Sharing in ArcGIS - Mike Gregotski, Esri Canada

Map Like a Rock Star with ArcGIS Pro - Mark Ho, Esri Canada

Introduction to Insights for ArcGIS - Paul Voegtle, Esri Canada

What’s New in Community Maps - Paul Heersink, Esri Canada

Impress your Boss: Deploy a Mobile Solution in 45 Minutes or Less - Lauren Wilson, Esri Canada

The New ArcGIS StoryMaps: Discover How to Tell Your Story for Any Industry - Sumaiya Siddiqi, Esri Canada

From Data to Apps in 45 Minutes or Less - Erica Corbett, Esri Canada


Tue, Nov. 5 - Wed, Nov. 6, 2019
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