Finishing projects on time and under budget requires quick data access and precise analysis. When the nation undergoes “build booms", geospatial intelligence helps you design better buildings, parks and roads. When it doesn’t, Esri puts a fine point on maintaining and improving the built world.

Through automated complex calculations and on the fly changes to building size, zoning and height parameters, we could assess impacts on population estimates, floor area ratios (FAR) and suitability analysis. As a result, many scenarios could be run off the same dataset using dynamic calculations and compared side-by-side, saving us hours of manual work.

Darren Genge, GIS Technician, City of Kelowna

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Areas of Focus

ArcGIS brings a world of multidisciplinary data into engineering and construction workflows so you can better fulfill planning mandates, meet regulations and weave resilience into your planning.

Our GIS platform combines the CAD workflow with geospatial visualization, giving you a holistic perspective of the surrounding environment influencing all the design decisions you make.

Lack of coordination during the build phase can be unsafe and costly. Geospatial intelligence connects your crews by using familiar maps populated with critical workflow, personnel and asset data.   

Our real-time data processing, dashboards and mobile tools facilitate the smooth and safe operation of your facilities, allowing you to demonstrate that your project has a resilient future.

Transform your data into maps & actionable information with ArcGIS Pro, Esri’s flagship desktop GIS application.
Empower your organization with ArcGIS Enterprise, a complete Web GIS platform in your own infrastructure.
ArcGIS apps are powered by the ArcGIS platform and are specialized to meet the needs of various industries.

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