Students, educators, researchers and administrators use our solutions to learn, teach, investigate, improve logistics and more.

GIS allows educators to engage their students effectively, and to help them develop the critical thinking and spatial analysis skills needed in today's globalized workforce. It is also widely used for academic research in colleges and universities. GIS can be used by school boards and campus administrators to manage facilities and monitor student enrolment, and by libraries and museums to make important connections between places, people and events.

The Education and Research group at Esri Canada provides resources, events and training to support GIS in teaching, learning and research at all levels.

I’ve seen a significant increase in student engagement when we apply our learning to real-life scenarios and spatial inquiries. Students have produced fantastic projects and they have made some valuable connections to the world around them.

Cory Munro, Geography Teacher, Chesley District, Community School


Learn how GIS can be used to enhance student learning and engagement while promoting critical thinking and spatial problem solving skills.

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Higher Education
Higher Education

Learn how GIS can be used in a broad range of fields and disciplines by students, instructors and researchers at colleges and universities.

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GIS Ambassador Program
GIS Ambassador Program

Get involved in your education community by becoming a GIS Ambassador and supporting local schools and youth groups as they explore their world with GIS.

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Areas of Focus

Teaching and Learning
GIS is a meaningful technology that provides students the skills and tools to solve problems, make decisions and communicate their findings. Educators have access to teaching resources, technical support and professional development to help with the implementation and use of GIS in their teaching.

GIS Scholarships and Centres of Excellence
Through our GIS Scholarships program, Esri Canada recognizes Canadian post-secondary institutions that deliver strong, multidisciplinary GIS courses and programs. The Centres of Excellence initiative is aimed at encouraging innovation in GIS research and promoting teaching excellence in spatial data management and analysis in higher education across Canada.

Campus and School Board Administration
Planning, operating, and sustaining educational institutions is complex. Whether a higher education campus or a K-12 school district, the work is multifaceted. Demographic analysis, campus operations, transportation, facilities management, safety, master planning, and stakeholder communications are among the tasks.


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