When a disaster strikes, knowing what you need and how to find it can be the key factor that saves lives, resources and critical infrastructure. Esri can help you with all phases of emergency management, from developing mitigation plans to managing limited resources in the midst of chaos and prioritizing recovery efforts once the dust settles. Maintain shared situational awareness across multiple jurisdictions on any device and get the geographic edge for your emergency management with Esri.

The EM-COP meets our needs for a flexible platform from a Canadian provider. Implementing the solution has essentially led to a cultural shift within our organization that now centres around data sharing. The ability to access and share data across business units without submitting a request empowers us to act immediately and no longer be impeded by costly time delays.

Jason Cameron, Business Continuity and Recovery Planner, Calgary Emergency Management Agency

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Areas of Focus

Identify and prioritize potential threats, both environmental and man-made, and develop comprehensive plans for evacuations, containment and mitigation.

Situational Awareness
Share information and collaborate with internal stakeholders to make sure everyone is using the most recent and most accurate data when it matters most.

Intelligently dispatch first responders and optimize supply routes through powerful spatial analysis and visualization.

Public Information
Maps are key in helping the public easily understand active risk areas, road closures and evacuation orders. Inspire public confidence in your response by providing continuously updated information.

The same technology that helps orchestrate response and public information will help you coordinate recovery efforts. Identify damaged infrastructure, affected populations and the total impact of incidents on your community.

ArcGIS is a complete web GIS platform that integrates everything. It’s a system of record, engagement and insight.
ArcGIS solutions deliver ready-to-use maps and apps designed to meet your industry’s needs.
We provide a full spectrum of ready-to-use, high-quality geospatial data for your GIS projects.

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