Esri integrates campus and building data so that you can understand the complex needs of the spaces you manage and maintain. A well-managed work environment motivates staff performance and productivity. Correspondingly, office space optimization, asset management and energy assessment improve efficiency to reduce costs. Powerful data management, analysis and visualization capabilities deliver insight so you can increase the value of your portfolio, detect and mitigate risks and identify investment and competitive advantage opportunities. 

GIS is powerful tool for managing, operating and maintaining building assets or to find optimal sites for new construction. Powerful modelling tools let you simulate mechanical and electrical systems while tracking work activities tied to these assets. Through a consolidated map view, you can manage information on equipment, warranties, energy consumption and safety inspections, and then use this information to plan sustainable, efficient facilities.

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Areas of Focus

Esri supports the design workflow by enabling users to collaborate on design decisions. Planning professionals can create scenarios, assess site conditions, evaluate and compare alternatives quickly and deliver proposed solutions back to key decision makers.

Portfolio Management
See the factors that influence the performance of your portfolio such as facility condition, utilization and functionality to develop location strategies to increase operational efficiency and improve your long term plans. 

Workplace & Space Management
By using seamless workplace environment maps, you will improve operations, staff productivity and collaboration by streamlining information, product creation and sharing. 

With the ArcGIS platform, you can easily visualize facility status information and identify poor productivity patterns. Intelligent maps help you manage daily operations including scheduling repairs and maintenance, planning expansions and monitoring performance.

ArcGIS Online is a complete, cloud-based mapping platform that allows you to create and share interactive maps and apps.
ArcGIS apps are powered by the ArcGIS platform and are specialized to meet the needs of various industries.
The Cityworks Suite provides a comprehensive set of applications for asset, work and property management.

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