Around the world, emergency service agencies (EMS, fire, SAR and dispatch) of every size deploy Esri maps and perform analysis to transform the way they meet their mission. You can gather reliable, actionable information that every service professional can use—anytime, anywhere. Improve your planning and collaboration to realize better outcomes. Enable faster decision-making for a safer response. Understand situation status for every type of incident. You'll have everything you need to provide better service and build safer communities.

Everything  search-related has a spatial component at its core. By applying GIS to the SAR workflow, real-time data can be precisely captured and stored. As such, lost or muddled evidence becomes a thing of the past.

Richard Laing, Team Manager, Ridge Meadows Search and Rescue  

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Areas of Focus

With GIS, you can understand the possible hazards, potential events and deployment requirements of your service area.

Risk Reduction
Use spatial analysis to identify common fire hazards, calculate risk and model scenarios to enhance responder safety and remain in compliance. 

When an emergency occurs, data becomes a key backdrop to the entire sequence of events. Use our platform to house and disseminate mission-critical data.

Rescue & EMS
Use the Esri platform to deploy responders; analyze location data; and manage clues, team status and essential operational data.

Wildland Fire
Maps are essential for fighting wildland fires. GIS analytics provide the capability for fast, efficient understanding and data dissemination.

ArcGIS Online is a complete, cloud-based mapping platform that allows you to create and share interactive maps and apps.
ArcGIS solutions deliver ready-to-use maps and apps designed to meet your industry’s needs.
From Canada's leading suppliers, our business, demographic and population data you to better analyze geographic relationships.

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