Insurers know that to be successful they must offer the products and services customers need at the right price. Insurance has a strong geographic component, from managing the addresses of policyholders to the location of risk to the logistics of handling claims.

Location intelligence, such as knowing where assets are located and their proximity to hazards, is vital when developing risk profiles. Following a major catastrophe, locating policyholders can be a challenge if landmarks or directional markers are no longer present. Claims organizations using GIS are able to evaluate the impact on their policyholders to expedite services where needed.

Identifying potential claimants, balancing workloads, and adjuster routing are tasks that can be performed using GIS. Armed with mobile devices, adjusters can efficiently locate customers and collect important details needed for settling claims. This results in improved customer service, faster and more accurate decision-making tools, and a more responsive claims support process.

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Areas of Focus

Risk Analytics
Analyze, plan and manage the risk exposure in your portfolio. Our solutions give you the ability to find problems that might not be easily seen and model different scenarios so you can see potential outcomes and ultimately implement the best solution.

Claims Management
Our platform provides you access to location information at every step in the claims process. For large events, quickly identify the impact zone & customers that could be effected.  You can prepare before an event occurs and be ready to deliver the most effective care.

Transform your data into maps & actionable information with ArcGIS Pro, Esri’s flagship desktop GIS application.
From Canada's leading suppliers, our business, demographic and population data you to better analyze geographic relationships.

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