Modern law enforcement takes advantage of smart maps—visualized information and location analytics—to empower frontline officers and commanders with better decision making. It’s simple. Maps make information actionable. Esri technology makes it easy to integrate every data type and apply advanced analytic tools for solving problems, predicting crime, and protecting citizens.

Our analysts used to spend a significant portion of their time on non-analytical tasks. Extending access to GIS across our organization means that analysts can now focus on complex crime analysis projects that can truly impact the safety of our community.

Ryan Prox, Special Constable & Analytic Services Coordinator, Vancouver Police Department

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Areas of Focus

Our platform gives you the ability to improve planning, reduce costs, and increase transparency. Use map analytics to make informed personnel decisions and accomplish strategic planning objectives. 

Patrol Operations
Our solutions give your entire organization the ability to improve planning and operational awareness to enhance response times, coordinate enforcement activities, and better understand your jurisdiction.

Crime Analysis
With the ArcGIS platform, your department can derive meaning from large volumes of data from various police systems (RMS, CAD, etc.) so that crime patterns—and the appropriate policing strategies—become evident.

Special Operations
Our solutions can help you plan and manage special events and operations with special awareness to support initial planning, tactical operations and final debriefing. 

Whether you handle arrests, sentencing, incarceration or monitor release, you can use our suite of shareable maps to improve corrections, probation and parole duties.

ArcGIS is a complete web GIS platform that integrates everything. It’s a system of record, engagement and insight.
ArcGIS solutions deliver ready-to-use maps and apps designed to meet your industry’s needs.
Improve crime data management, analysis and sharing with this add-in for ArcGIS Pro.

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