Engineers and operations staff use GIS for facility planning applications, helping miners keep track of existing infrastructure and integrate up-to-date information with their mine plan. Facility managers also use GIS to incorporate recent survey data with block models or design data from other software packages.

GIS provides mining companies with the tools they need to operate mines responsibly and at optimum efficiency. It is a comprehensive, interoperable technology specifically designed to compile, process, display, analyze, and archive volumes of interdisciplinary data.

Our platform gives mining companies the tools they need to operate mines responsibly and at optimum efficiency. Using ArcGIS, various types of geologic data sets such as geophysical images, geochemistry, geologic maps, radiometric, boreholes and mineral deposits can be displayed, investigated and analyzed simultaneously.

The Global Data Catalog now has over 25,000 datasets that can be searched across the globe for decades to come. It has eliminated the likelihood of duplicate data collection or purchasing and reduced the possibility of lost data.

Iain Allen, Global Spatial Data Systems Coordinator, Barrick Gold

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Areas of Focus

GIS allows geoscientists to bring diverse datasets, ranging from basic geological maps to hyperspectral airborne and multispectral satellite imagery, together to accurately calculate economic potential on a single desktop.

Management and mineral economists use GIS in their evaluation of corporate and competitor assets, leveraging real-time data in spreadsheets and relational databases. 

Environmental Management
Mining companies use GIS to actively monitor the environmental impacts that may be caused by their activities. Geologists use GIS to analyze and map soils, vegetation, surface hydrology, and groundwater.

Transform your data into maps & actionable information with ArcGIS Pro, Esri’s flagship desktop GIS application.
ArcGIS Online is a complete, cloud-based mapping platform that allows you to create and share interactive maps and apps.
Imagery is integrated into all aspects of the ArcGIS platform. See available options to access imagery for your projects.

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