Municipal governments employ highly specialized teams to manage transportation networks. These networks are designed to provide navigable paths by connecting mobility infrastructure such as roads, cycling paths, pedestrian trails, accessibility ramps, transit and even electric vehicle charging stations. As we approach a future of connected and autonomous vehicles, a framework of digital infrastructure to support this is also needed. All these assets must be managed for reliability, sustainability and evolution.

There are many software solutions in place--most of which are essential--yet, many municipalities struggle with governance over authoritative data and systems that drive what matters: evolving the transportation infrastructure. Location-based technology, such as a GIS, can help unify and synchronize road data to achieve a common source of truth that can enable better planning and investments.

Unified Transportation Management 

An integrated and connected system leverages data and technology to help you run operations, maintain road assets and evolve your road networks. This Unified Transportation Management (UTM) system unlocks your information systems to provide you with insight using the only common element: location. Deployed, a UTM enables higher-level holistic analysis using all the organizations’ transportation data for strategic infrastructure investment planning, interventions to reduce traffic fatalities and foresight for digital infrastructure planning to support connected and autonomous vehicles.

Unified Transportation Management
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Build a system of record

Build a system of record

Allow your existing software systems to do what they do best; operations, pavement management, traffic control, etc. Let UTM be the authoritative source for location, geometry and spatial relationships of all your asset data.

Visualize the network

Much of your asset data is hidden in disparate systems; UTM will bring all of them together, providing rich context to visualize all the data on a map.

Visualize the network
Field asset data

Enrich field asset data

Field crews can continue to collect data as they normally do; UTM will transparently and automatically reference that data to locations on the authoritative system of record.

Empower workforce management

Office staff can continue to use their specialized software tools; UTM will communicate directly with the software to automatically reference its data to locations on the authoritative system of record.

Workforce Management
Achieve level of service

Achieve level of service

With UTM comes context across data silos. Leverage that context to understand what level of service best suits your infrastructure and gain insight on how to achieve it.

Make smarter investments

Holistic decisions require data that can support those investments. Teams who make these decisions can use UTM to prepare the data which, for linear infrastructure, requires a specialized approach.

Smarter Investments

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