Global competition and economic slowdowns are forcing organizations to rethink how they operate.  Natural resource professionals, researchers, policy makers need to be able to integrate vast amounts of complex information, measure and analyze geographic data, predict potential outcomes and make decisions to sustainably manage the earth's resources.

Now is the time to invest in GIS, a sophisticated mapping technology that has helped many organizations overcome operational challenges and drive improved management of our country’s precious resources. It leverages all of the geographically-referenced data that exists in your corporate systems -- such as existing and planned land use, environmentally sensitive areas and wildlife habitats and migratory patterns -- to uncover what might not otherwise be visible or understood in a multipage report or complex spreadsheet.

ArcGIS is a robust platform that allows you to manage, analyze and display your data so that you can make the best, most informed decisions.  It gives everyone in your organization the ability to discover, use, make and share information and maps from any device, anywhere, anytime.

Historically, field work data collection technology has been very static. With Collector for ArcGIS and ArcGIS Online, the dynamic interaction that can now take place between the field team—armed with mobile, real-time GIS—and analysts and decision-makers is very powerful.

John Fairs, GIS Project Manager, Dillon Consulting Limited 

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Areas of Focus

Site Analysis
Whether deciding where to set up a mining facility, drill a well or route a pipeline, Esri's GIS solutions help you get more from your existing data and information solutions.

Asset Management
An integrated system reduces the cost of maintaining asset records and enables coordinated decision-making.

Regulatory Compliance
Esri's solutions help ensure compliance through data analysis, modelling and reporting tools.

Mobile Operations
Esri's mobile solutions bring office technology to the field for work processes such as surveying and inventory capture.

Environmental Management
Using GIS, it is possible to display, analyze and mine datasets across a diverse range of disciplines for a complete environmental picture.

Sustainable Development
Our solutions are used to predict future land and resource use, monitor habitat and climate change, and track human and wildlife activity.

GIS presents the information researchers need in easy to understand views and in a system that helps model our world.

Routing and Logistics
Esri's solutions can be used for efficient routing of crews, equipment and extracted materials on and off existing roads.


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