Port operators and maritime administrators face increased demands for efficient operations. You need to manage assets and keep your harbors secure. Meanwhile, there’s the maritime environment to consider. Esri offers a complete platform that lets you integrate all this information and more. With Esri location-aware solutions, you can control operations and improve decision-making.

The Esri Canada AVL solution was a most welcome addition to our marine fleet. Staff and supervisors now automatically know where the Township’s boats are at all times, without having to rely solely on manual check-ins. The AVL solution gives staff assurance in real-time that our field crews are located where they should be and also allows staff to identify and respond to emergencies more rapidly.

Mike Kearns, Manager, Public Works, West Perry Sound Geography Network 

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Areas of Focus

Asset Management
Maximize the use of your asset investments and resources by gaining detailed awareness of current conditions and lifecycle predictions.

Whether tracking vessels or getting a real-time operational view, ArcGIS provides detailed information and analytical tools to produce optimal results.

Use the industry-leading GIS to address the issues, like storm-water management and dredging placement to support environmental stewardship goals.

The Esri platform helps your port remain safe and operational in the face of sudden unplanned events, such as extreme weather. Gain a port-wide view of events, so you can be prepared to act and react.

ArcGIS is a complete web GIS platform that integrates everything. It’s a system of record, engagement and insight.
Transform your data into maps & actionable information with ArcGIS Pro, Esri’s flagship desktop GIS application.
The Cityworks Suite provides a comprehensive set of applications for asset, work and property management.

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