Assessment agencies are under intense pressure to deliver high levels of service with fixed financial resources while ensuring that valuation products are accurate and up-to-date. To achieve this goal and gain efficiencies, assessment jurisdictions are integrating GIS into computer-aided mass appraisal (CAMA) systems to vastly improve the ability to conduct mass appraisals. 

Location data allows assessors to perform analysis on assessed data and provide contextual support such as historical and economic datasets, resulting in fair and equitable property valuations. With native GIS integration, this processing of property data can produce enormous benefits to organizations. To meet the various needs of assessors, Esri Canada offers a suite of services and solutions. With more than three decades of expertise in the assessment industry, we’ll work closely with you to geo-enable your data, build custom applications to solve your business challenges, configure mobile solutions that allow remote working, sharing and collaboration across individuals, departments and organizations and much more.

By combining Assessment Analyst® and Assessment Analyst® - GAMA with our in-depth assessment experience, you benefit from improved workflows and significantly enhance the accuracy of your valuation products.

Limited staff presents a challenge to uniformly canvas residential properties in our county. Assessment Analyst provides an efficient means for us to systematically review all residential records using existing imagery and GIS maps. As well, it helps us comply with IAAO standards for property review without adding staff.

Steven Hunt, Real Property Tax Manager, County of Kaua’i

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Areas of Focus

Mobile Data Collection
GIS facilitates mobile data collection including building sketches which can be entered directly into the database, improving the consistency of data.

Simplified Data Management & Maintenance
Better integration of GIS and CAMA allows for spatial display, analysis and linkages to valuation entries without having to transfer data between multiple systems.

Intuitive Visualization & Analysis
View properties from many different angles, analyze the 3D spatial effects of location, view, property characteristics such as exposure to sun and identify data discrepancies.

Enhanced Data Cleansing & Auditing
Detect and resolve data errors on the fly. Conduct measurements, make corrections to the corresponding data and see the valuation effects.    

Regulatory Compliance
Using GIS solutions makes it easier to comply with reassessment and re-inventory standards set by the International Association of Assessing Officers (IAAO).

Assessment Analyst® is a powerful data creation, data maintenance and data analytics application that integrates building sketches, imagery, data and analytics. It fully integrates GIS with CAMA.
Assessment Analyst® – GAMA, binds the power of CAMA and GIS into one complete geo-enabled platform to support your valuation and property administration needs.

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