Provincial governments need new ways to provide reliable, modern services to citizens and partner agencies. Thousands of government organizations at all levels are leveraging the power of GIS to gain insights into their assets and workflows, analyze complex situations, visualize problems and create solutions that support stronger, more sustainable communities.

ArcGIS technology delivers resources governments can use to easily configure cutting-edge applications that save time and money. Along with improving internal workflows and citizen engagement, innovative apps support business development with the data and location-based analysis companies need to grow the economy. Use ArcGIS to safely and securely meet people where they live and work—on the web and on mobile devices.

GIS is an important component of the Mobile Office. It keeps our field and office operations connected and enables us to maintain an up-to-date source of information. The efficiencies gained by using the solution allows the province and industry to save thousands of dollars on field surveys. In addition to better client satisfaction, it also increases job satisfaction for our staff because they're now able to do work they used to do at their desks right in the field where they should be.

Evert Smith, Land Management Specialist, Alberta Sustainable Resource Development

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Areas of Focus

Smart Communities
Using our platform, provincial governments can draw on the collective knowledge and innovation of its citizens to help grow their economy and improve the lives of those around them.

Open Data/Open Government
Esri is helping governments provide a window into operations, services, spending and planning. ArcGIS also gives the public a way to participate via reporting and idea generation.

Culture & Heritage
ArcGIS supports the activities to advance the arts, culture and heritage sector through the cataloguing and management of archaeological, palaeontological and built-heritage resources.

ArcGIS helps provinces visualize how funding has been historically dispersed and helps build models to show the impact of future plans.

Property Assessment
To produce accurate and uniform valuation products, many assessment jurisdictions are recognizing and using the power of GIS.

Provincial Land Management and Planning
Our solutions can help with the management of mineral rights, provincial parks and conservation reserves.

ArcGIS is a complete web GIS platform that integrates everything. It’s a system of record, engagement and insight.
ArcGIS solutions deliver ready-to-use maps and apps designed to meet your industry’s needs.
Empower your organization with ArcGIS Enterprise, a complete Web GIS platform in your own infrastructure.

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