As a railway manager, you need reliable information. Trust the comprehensive mapping platform that supports not just asset management, but operations in every aspect of your business. Whether you focus on passenger or freight rail, Esri can help you manage assets, maximize throughput, and monitory safety for passengers and employees. Share your information online to instantly communicate within your organization, as well as with stakeholders and customers.
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Areas of Focus

Infrastructure Management
You need better information to manage physical assets and promote rail and infrastructure integrity. With the Esri platform, you can check signaling systems, wayside assets, and more to improve safety and operational performance. Share asset intelligence across your organization to arrive at a common understanding of problems - and solutions.

Performance Monitoring
Get a full picture of your rolling assets, from their location to condition and virtually any other attribute. With real-time intelligence visualized in user-friendly dashboards and web maps, you can carefully monitor the state of operations, from tracking daily volume and delays to using. Enhance performance and profits by transforming raw data into useful information using the ArcGIS platform.

Accurately pinpoint your right-of-way (ROW) locations with the Esri platform. You can easily map boundaries and combine track, signaling, and asset data for an integrated knowledge base. Take advantage of tools to understand how your infrastructure interacts with the environment and ensure your trains run on time.

Safety & Security
Whether you protect passengers, infrastructure, or both, Esri lets you build a common operational view for real-time decision making. Connect your field security personnel to your central command center through monitors, sensors, and cameras that display information on easy-to-read maps. When you know more, faster, you can respond more effectively.

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