Retail business processes, including market analysis, site selection, merchandising, distribution, delivery and facilities management, involve geographic relationships. GIS enables retailers to understand and visualize these relationships and improve productivity, effectiveness and efficiency. You can better meet your customers’ needs, make better decisions that increase your profitability and reduce uncertainty by understanding the “where” in your data.

Predictive investigators such as market and customer analytics are also enhanced using location as a key data point. Many different forms of real-world and modeled data can be used to understand the demographic, competitive and psychographic interaction of consumers, suppliers and the geographic space in which the data is distributed.

GIS allows companies to consider many possibilities, understand potential, review the impact of different investments, store and produce configurations, and analyze changing trends in the retail landscape.

Esri’s technology has helped us sharpen our location analysis capabilities, particularly for the analysis and expansion of certain lines of business such as international foods. Calgary Co- op’s executive and board are excited by the opportunities the solution offers.

Doug Stone, VP of Facilities Development and Real Estate, Calgary Co-op

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Areas of Focus

Location is key to the success of your marketing strategy. From social media to display advertising, coupon optimization and sentiment analysis, using location data will help you reduce uncertainty, drive profitability and improves performance.

Adopt our platform and turn intuition into insight and ideas into outcomes; understanding exactly where to place the right products for the right customers.

Real Estate
More isn’t always better when it comes to information. Delivering critical business insight and value is what matters. Our solutions help you make sense of your data to discern the right location for your next branch, restaurant, storefront or outlet.

Supply Chain
Build consumer confidence and loyalty by monitoring and managing every touch point along the path of getting your goods to your customers to ensure quality, safety and timely delivery to market.

ArcGIS is a complete web GIS platform that integrates everything. It’s a system of record, engagement and insight.
ArcGIS Business Analyst is a complete system for analyzing and visualizing your data.
From Canada's leading suppliers, our business, demographic and population data you to better analyze geographic relationships.

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