Faced with increasing demand for power with higher reliability, utilities are subject to tighter controls on rates, more environmental restrictions and the need to provide more renewable energy choices. Coupled with an aging workforce and asset base, utilities are under greater pressure than ever before.  As a result, utilities need to transform their businesses to operate more efficiently and sustainably.

Now is the time to invest in GIS, a sophisticated mapping technology that has helped many organizations overcome operational challenges and drive improved profitability. It leverages all of the geographically-referenced data that exists in your corporate systems - such as demographics, customer, workforce and asset records as well as real-time system monitoring - to uncover what might not otherwise be visible or understood in a multipage report or complex spreadsheet.

ArcGIS is a robust platform that allows you to manage, analyze and display your data so that you can make the best, most informed decisions. It gives everyone in your organization the ability to discover, use, make and share information and maps from any device, anywhere, anytime.

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Areas of Focus

Grid Modernization
GIS provides the underlying network model to modernize and transform the grid. It is critical for managing the deployment and implementation of the grid, as well as analyzing the volume of information that will be available upon implementation.  

Asset Management
GIS helps electricity generation and transmission utility managers optimize physical assets throughout their lifecycle. It also enables seamless compliance with PAS 55 regulations.  

Network Planning & Design
GIS-based design tools ensure faster, more efficient and cost-effective engineering design development that conforms to utility standards.

Operational Awareness
A comprehensive dashboard gives utility staff an integrated information centre that facilitates informed decision making and optimized planning.

Mobile Operations
GIS enables mobile workers to access the same information as back-office workers, making them more efficient and effective. Integration between the back office and field eliminates data backlogs and errors.

Outage Management
GIS presents utility data along with geographic information, so field crews can respond quickly to outages.

Integrity Management
Our solution supports land data storage and organization, surveying, mapping and more. The result is fast access to maps, comprehensive data and reduced costs.

Regulatory Compliance
GIS is a key technology for supporting compliance with regulations such as PAS 55 because it enables utilities to manage information about their assets’ entire lifecycle and make it available to all stakeholders from a centralized repository. 

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