Web applications are an excellent way to present geographic information that tells a story, reveals patterns, or allows for further insight and analysis. There are many ways that Esri technology can be used to create different types of web applications and share data. Visit our App & Open Data Hubs to see a sample of some exciting new apps created by Esri Canada staff and the Esri Canada user community.

App Hub
App Hub

Explore our hub to see the creative ways Esri Canada and our user community are taking advantage of story maps and app builders to share their work.

Open Data Hub
Open Data Hub

Open data capabilities of ArcGIS Hub make it possible to share and discover authoritative data. Leverage a repository of Esri Open Data technology to improve understanding, drive new efficiencies, and transform community engagement.

Featured App

No longer does finding information about your community require heading down to the library to sift through hundreds of books and thousands of pages or calling your town or city hall for that one tidbit of information. The rise of the Internet and open data has certainly made access to information easier. Let’s take a look at how the City of Kitchener in Ontario provides accessible municipal data with May’s App of the Month, Kitchener GeoHub.

App of the Month: Kitchener GeoHub

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