Developed by Schneider Electric, the ArcFM Suite is a powerful extension of the Esri ArcGIS platform. It provides a complete out-of-the-box enterprise GIS solution for facilities management designed to meet the needs of electric, gas and water/wastewater utilities. ArcFM helps utilities drive down costs, enhance productivity and provide better and faster service to customers.

ArcFM consists of a family of models and a set of sophisticated tools for editing, modelling, maintenance and management of facility information. It integrates GIS with other enterprise systems, uses open databases and industry-standard programming environments.

ArcFM provides a scalable platform for the full range of utility business needs and can be used as a single-department installation or as a multi-department enterprise configuration for creating, managing and disseminating utility information.

The ArcFM Suite provides:

  • A productive environment for design and asset management
  • Smarter business decision-making
  • Reduced labour and time in building, analyzing and maintaining network models
  • Greater access to spatial data for improved outage management, customer service and dispatch
  • Improved records and asset management and in-plant service
  • Increased safety for field workers

By implementing an end-to-end integrated enterprise solution, we have single handedly improved our operational efficiency, customer satisfaction and network reliability.

Shelly Cunningham, Senior Vice President, Engineering Services, PowerStream Energy


Enterprise Solution Positions PowerStream as an Industry Leader

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