ArcGIS Business Analyst Desktop software combines GIS analysis and visualization capabilities with an extensive demographic and business data bundle, so you can gain a better understanding of your market, customers and competition. 

Organizations use Business Analyst Desktop to make critical decisions about consolidations or expansions, determine the effect of changes in consumer behaviour on existing business models and explore opportunities driven by economic factors and changes in the marketplace. It provides business professionals with a complete solution for site evaluation, selective customer profiling and trade area market analysis.

With Business Analyst Desktop, you can:
  • Evaluate existing and new store locations, monitor store performance, draw simple or complex market area boundaries and calculate market penetration
  • Create profiles of your most profitable customers, analyze demographics in a geographic context and plan targeted marketing campaigns that save you time and money
  • Understand how market changes affect your existing and proposed store locations, analyze drive times, spending habits and customer locations relative to your stores
  • Design, analyze and manage geographic territories to improve sales, franchise or distribution networks or service areas
  • Analyze market saturation, identify gaps and balance your territories
  • Leverage your in-house data by combining it with Business Analyst Desktop's demographic, business and shopping centre data to discover trends, untapped markets and opportunities

Esri Business Analyst for Desktop (Canadian Edition)

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Key Features

High-Quality Data
ArcGIS Business Analyst integrates Esri's world-leading GIS software with comprehensive data from top data providers, including Environics Analytics, in one powerful, flexible package.  The comprehensive data package includes demographic data, business data, customer profiling/segmentation data, imagery, shopping centre data, geographic information and SAP BusinessObjects Crystal Reports.

Market Research and Planning
Use your customer data to evaluate existing and new store locations and the performance of your stores in relationship to your competitors' locations. Draw simple or complex market area boundaries based on customer counts or sales and calculate market penetration compared to the total population. Develop a 5-year forecast to analyze competitive and complementary businesses and determine supply and demand for your goods and services in a specific area.

Customer Profiling and Prospecting
Create profiles of your most profitable customers, including their income, demographics, spending habits, interests and preferences, so they will purchase your goods and services. Use this information to analyze geographic areas where your ideal customer types reside. Conduct targeted marketing campaigns and make targeted merchandizing decisions based on your findings to save time and money.

Store Market Analysis
Understand how market changes affect your existing and proposed store locations. Use simple ring analysis or data driven ring analysis to create a radius proportional to a store characteristic such as total sales, square footage or gross leasable area. Analyze individual store performance and the relative performance of a store network. Drive time analysis reveals the maximum travel time or distance your customer might drive.

Territory Design
Design, analyze and manage geographic territories to improve sales, franchise, distribution networks or service areas. Visualize your current territory distribution to analyze sales or market saturation and identify gaps. Then balance your territories using your customer and existing territory data combined with demographic, business and consumer spending data.

Site Selection
Create detailed, justifiable recommendations on where to locate, re-locate, re-model or close a store. Quickly and accurately perform evaluation analyses such as distance decay or proximity for a single site or for multiple locations.  Integrate your customer data with business, shopping centre, demographic or consumer expenditure data to choose the best area for your new location.


Business Analyst is an extension built for use with ArcGIS and can be used with ArcGIS Desktop Basic, ArcGIS Desktop Standard or ArcGIS Desktop Advanced. These components are included in the Business Analyst package:

  • ArcGIS Business Analyst extension software—Provides tools for mapping, analysis and managing work
  • Data from industry-leading vendors—Provides nationwide demographic, business listing and shopping center data
  • StreetMap Premium for ArcGIS—Provides basemaps and U.S. national street network
  • Geocoding service—Takes your customer or store addresses and locates them on a map
  • ArcGIS Network Analyst extension —Provides drive-time/drive-distance analysis and routing capability. The full license to this extension is included with Business Analyst


ArcGIS Business Analyst Desktop comes complete with a wealth of Canadian data. View data that is available across the various platforms and license levels.


First-year maintenance is also included in the license. Maintenance includes technical support, updates and many other benefits.


Business Analyst Desktop is available in a Basic or Standard license level and with a regional or national Canadian data package. Business Analyst Desktop is an extension to and requires an ArcGIS Desktop license. Use of Esri software is subject to the Esri License Agreement.

Training & Implementation

If you need Business Analyst Desktop training, view the training options available to you. Contact your local Esri Canada office for more information.

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