Built on Esri’s world-leading ArcGIS platform, Assessment Analyst® is a powerful data creation, data maintenance and data analytics application that integrates building sketches, imagery, data and analytics. It fully integrates GIS with CAMA, providing you with a single platform to perform a wide variety of activities without the need to transfer data between systems, subsystems or viewers.

Assessment Analyst offers the most tightly integrated assessment data environment on the market so that you can not only visualize but also correct a vast array of data simultaneously and efficiently.

Inaccurate data leads to imprecise valuations. With Assessment Analyst, you’re able to vastly improve the quality of your data for consistently accurate assessments and mass appraisals. It also automates many aspects of your workflow, so that you can save time by making calculations, running valuation models, and reassessing properties on the fly.

Enhanced visualization and robust functionality allow you to not only detect data changes or errors more easily, but also, correct and resolve them all from a single system.  You can also elect to conduct all of your work in 3D. Manage your projects through an intuitive dashboard to complete your work more efficiently while monitoring productivity.

Limited staff presents a challenge to uniformly canvas residential properties in our county. Assessment Analyst provides an efficient means for us to systematically review all residential records using existing imagery and GIS maps. As well, it helps us comply with IAAO standards for property review without adding staff.

Steven Hunt, Real Property Tax Manager, County of Kaua’i

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Suite of Solutions

Assessment Analyst®
A desktop review solution that visualizes and corrects a vast array of data simultaneously

 Assessment Analyst® 3D 
Leverages the power of Assessment Analyst while enabling 3D visualization and spatial analysis

Assessment Analyst® Mobile (Extension)
A digital data collection and review workflow that connects the field and office

GeoSketch (Extension)
A geospatial geometry editing environment within Assessment Analyst for sketching and editing buildings and other structures directly on a map

Assessment QuickStart
An integrated, turnkey desktop review solution to get you up and running quickly

Professional Services - Assessment
A unique convergence of technology, innovation and expertise for outstanding results

Key Benefits

  • Optimize property tax revenues by revealing hidden omissions or inaccuracies in your assessment data, and then correcting the data from your desktop
  • Ensure uniformity and equity in your data maintenance protocol
  • Produce more accurate assessments through improved data quality, 3D visualization and refined valuation models
  • Implement a successful, cyclical reassessment/re-inventory program with less manual work
  • Ensure compliance with reassessment and re-inventory standards set by the International Association of Assessing Officers (IAAO)
  • Reduce costs through increased productivity, less ad hoc data maintenance and fewer onsite inspections
  • Empower your organization with a complete workflow with rich performance analytics

Transforming the Real Estate Industry and Valuation Using Technology

This article by Michael Lomax, Director of Assessment, Esri Canada, discusses the evolution of assessment technology and the many benefits that integrating real estate data into a modern, centralized GIS system offers the real estate industry.

Assessment Analyst offers
An integrated suite of components

Assessment Analyst is a customizable application that can be configured to view data across three screens, on two screens or on a single screen. It offers one of the most tightly integrated data environments on the market so that you can visualize and correct a vast array of data simultaneously including:

CAMA datasets

  • Fully integrated GIS and CAMA data allows you to perform a wide variety of activities from a single platform
  • Adjust building sketch areas and have the changes automatically appear in the data field
  • Calculate the contributory value of data corrections on-the-fly

Oblique imagery

  • Integrate many types of oblique imagery
  • Fully integrate Pictometry desktop and online products
  • Zoom in and out of imagery and visualize buildings from many different angles
  • Pan around your map and have the imagery synchronize to your actions

Street front photos

  • Digitally review a property by accessing and comparing street front photos
  • Use high quality images and magnification to validate building grades and conditions
  • Verify and correct street addresses

Building sketches

  • Includes a fully integrated Apex sketch package
  • Support for all sketching applications
  • Change your sketch and have the data and value change automatically

Change detection using Sketch Verification

  • Utilize georeferenced sketches on ortho photography for initial change detection

Project tracking and analytics

  • Leverage an intuitive dashboard to monitor the status of the project
  • View the full history of a project’s progress per parcel record
  • Monitor assessed value and roll quality changes as they occur
  • Conduct project-wide analysis and generate progress reports
    Powerful visualization & analytics 

    Enhanced visualization allows you to conduct more work from your desktop, reducing the need for onsite inspections. Leverage the ArcGIS platform to:

    • Virtually pan around neighbourhoods and click on parcels to access all of the information that you require to perform your assessments.
    • Find out about a property’s roof cover, square footage, pool and garage, permit and sale information.
    • Use oblique imagery to visualize a building from many different angles. Zoom in and out of street front photos to get a clear look at a property and surrounding infrastructure.
    • Quickly identify new construction and demolitions.
    • Conduct market segmentation analysis, property use analysis and market variable analysis.
    The ability to audit, cleanse and resolve data issues

    Assessment Analyst goes beyond most desktop review systems by allowing you to not only identify data anomalies, but also, make corrections on the fly. Ultimately, correct data equates to more accurate valuations and more equitable distribution of property taxes. With Assessment Analyst, you’re able to:

    • Detect and resolve existing data and valuation errors.
    • Conduct measurements using oblique imagery and make corrections to the corresponding building sketch.
    • Adjust line work and have the changes automatically populate in the CAMA database.
    • Ensure compliance with IAAO standards through more accurate assessments and better quality data.
    • Compare building sketches with aerial photography to check for anomalies.
    • Spot instances of new construction or other changes that are conducted without a permit.  
    An intuitive dashboard to monitor your projects

    Assessment Analyst provides you with an intuitive dashboard to effectively monitor the progress of ongoing appraisal projects. Use the dashboard to:

    • View the full history of a project’s progress per parcel record.
    • Conduct project wide analysis by filtering visible records per appraiser, date ranges and other criterion.
    • Generate reports on the overall project status as well as each individual workflow task, and supply these reports to supervisors. Monitor progress by day, week or month.

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