A Smarter Way to Equitable & Uniform Valuations

A property’s value is best defined by size, quality and location. With real estate technology transforming the industry at an unprecedented pace, a location-centric approach is becoming the new and smarter way to fair, equitable, uniform and accurate valuations.

Most appraisers have been working with Computer-Assisted Mass Appraisal systems (CAMA) for decades and relying on other disconnected alternatives for accessing location data. The ease of using CAMA for calculating property values can now be enhanced with the accuracy from integrated geographic information systems (GIS).


Geo-enable your data today!

Unlock new possibilities with Assessment Analyst® - GAMA

GIS + CAMA = Geographic-Assisted Mass Appraisal

Assessment Analyst® - GAMA binds the power of CAMA and GIS so you can combine spatial data with advanced analysis, resulting in quicker, more equitable and defensible valuations.

AAGAMA Geosketch

The geospatial geometry environment allows sketching and editing buildings directly on a map with 3D visualization.

AAGAMA Comparable

Explore comparable sales and related property information to make equitable valuation decisions.


With oblique and aerial imagery, you can visualize a building from multiple angles and make a better-informed decision

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New Technology, More Advantages

More Accurate Valuations

Incorporate both CAMA and GIS data in your analyses for richer context, increased valuation accuracy and evidence-based assessment roll defense. 

Uniform Valuations

Using our integrated workflow manager, you can easily and seamlessly follow standardized workflows for more consistent, uniform outcomes in all work protocols.

Increased Efficiency

Sketch property improvements directly within the GAMA solution through geographic-enabled sketches, instead of making edits back and forth between your various and often disconnected systems.

Greater Transparency

Track all activities, so you can easily check the history and audit trail to determine the cause for changes in data and/or assessed values.

Anytime, Anywhere Access

Do all your work in the cloud and access the solution from desktops and mobile devices.

Backed by Experience

Assessment Analyst - GAMA is built on ArcGIS, the world's leading geographic information system from Esri. It includes all the capabilities in our Assessment Analyst software suite plus more. Numerous assessment authorities have received 9:1 ROI from our solutions.


Property characteristics driving real estate values

Build Mass Appraisals Using Spatial Intelligence

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