Crime Analysis

Crime Analysis is an add-in for ArcGIS Pro that you can use to conduct a series of key analysis functions (for example, scan, analyze, respond and assess). It includes new tools for out-of-the-box capabilities previously not provided in ArcGIS. The tools are accessible via a single ribbon interface and organized by the four distinct buckets below, maximizing ease of use.


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Data management
Choose from several options for importing data into ArcGIS, cleaning that data and then enhancing and enriching it to enable further analysis.

Data selection
Select data by attributes, location and date and time. This is where the enhancement and enrichment that you’ve done with the data management tools will pay dividends.

Conduct tactical, strategic and investigative crime analyses including summary statistics, buffer, 80-20 analysis, density analysis and emerging hotspot. Perform link analysis of relationships between incidents, suspects, locations and time.

Information sharing
Easily create and share your information products with others. Use charts to visualize relationships in your data. Choose from preset or custom layouts of your project. Share your analysis as a web map or web layer via ArcGIS Online.

Ready to get started?

Crime Analysis is free to those who are current on ArcGIS maintenance.


If you don’t have an ArcGIS license yet, learn more about ArcGIS Pro.

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