CrimeAnalyst from Esri UK brings together the tools public safety organizations need to better understand and make sense of incident, crime and intelligence data. It integrates powerful analysis tools with the proven ArcGIS framework to deliver advanced, flexible and affordable crime mapping and analysis capabilities.

Assess and visualize trends in criminal behaviour through one of the most advanced suites of spatial analysis tools available, helping you make faster, more informed decisions. CrimeAnalyst is also fully interoperable with other applications and supports the use of data from other participating organizations.

CrimeAnalyst brings together the tools that we need to conduct concise, evidence-based crime analysis. It not only saves us valuable time but also improves our ability to identify crime and calls-for-service hot spots, allowing us to make better decisions, save money and ultimately, offer higher quality policing services across our community.

Debbie Gifford, Research Analyst, Hamilton Police Service

Leveraging the application, you can:

  • Create data clocks using aoristic methodology for temporal analysis
  • Create hotspot maps for density mapping
  • Identify repeat offences
  • Identify similar crimes geographically
  • Analyze journey to crime
  • Manage queries
  • Select an incident by date/time
  • Import from Excel
  • Count by area for any given crime type and boundary
  • Match addresses 


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