Esri Community Analyst is a cloud-based location analytics solution that complements your existing ArcGIS Online solution.  It gives municipal governments the ability to explore, analyze and drive policy with detailed analysis of demographics at the neighbourhood level (Dissemination Area). 

Government agencies – from policy makers, infrastructure, economic development, health units and others – can get valuable insights to understand, validate and drive their decision-making process.

Easy-to-use wizards in Community Analyst allow even the non-experienced GIS user to leverage location analytics.

With Esri’s Community Analyst, you can:

Get up-to-date data faster

  • Leverage a wealth of demographic and business information through Esri Canada’s partnership with premier data providers.

Allocate resources strategically

  • Create custom comparison reports to determine where to best allocate resources for greatest community impact.
  • Use the Smart Map Search wizard and customizable criteria to quickly find areas in greatest need.
  • Determine where to locate flu clinics for at-risk areas.
  • Use past data and future projections to understand trends for economic development.

Reach and inform key stakeholders

  • Communicate policy decisions with data and reports customized to your location.
  • Attract businesses and residents through interactive colour-coded maps.
  • Use a variety of map types, including web maps from ArcGIS Online to clearly and concisely communicate information.

Demographics and Business Listings

Community Analyst leverages a wealth of demographic and business information.

  • Demographics and Households Spending are provided through Esri Canada’s partnership with Environics Analytics, Canada’s premier provider in demographics and statistical data.  Users will have access to thousands of demographics variables from population, income, immigration and more.  Vintages of data are based on: the Census Year, Current, 3, 5±, and 10 year estimates and projections.
  • Infogroup Business Listings provides government with access to over 1.7 million business listings across Canada.  It provides organizational information indexed by both the SIC (Standard Industrial Classification) and the NAICS (North American Industrial Classification System).

System Requirements

  • Community Analyst requires an ArcGIS Online organizational subscription. Community Analyst supports the following browsers: Internet Explorer 10+*, Chrome (latest), Firefox (latest), and Safari (latest for Windows* and Mac OS X).
    * Some features will not work in Internet Explorer 10 and Safari for Windows.
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