Insights for ArcGIS

Leverage data analytics powered by location

Insights for ArcGIS is a web-based, data analytics workbench where you can explore spatial and non-spatial data, answer questions you didn't know to ask and quickly deliver powerful results. 

Find answers in your data in 3 easy steps
Bring in your data
1. Bring in your data

Connect to enterprise databases. Drag and drop your data onto a page. Visualize data on cards as maps, charts, and tables to unlock endless possibilities for analysis and data exploration.

Apply spatial thinking
2. Apply spatial thinking

Leverage familiar GIS tools for summarization, aggregation, statistics, analysis and more, via the action button. Or perform a simple drag and drop to bring in your data onto another map card.

Show your work
3. Show your work

Clearly communicate how you arrived at your conclusion. Share a step-by-step model of your analysis or detail the final results of a workbook internally or externally.

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Key Benefits

Get answers to your questions faster
Work in an environment where visualization and analysis happen at the same time. Simply drag and drop your data, then analyze and refine. Ask questions, get answers, and keep going. Insights for ArcGIS uses guided workflows to make it easy to solve spatial problems.

Make better decisions using all your data
Integrate and analyze spatial and tabular data from your enterprise databases, ArcGIS data, geodatabases, Excel spreadsheets and ArcGIS demographic data all in one view.

Improve the quality of insights from your data
Perform advanced data analytics. Choose from over 20 different data visualizations to uncover patterns, trends, correlations and relationships in your data. Apply simple to advanced analysis methods such as regression, predict variable, calculate density and aggregation.

Easily share results and repeat workflows
Insights for ArcGIS intelligently records your analysis workflow so you and others can run it again to solve other problems. Easily publish analysis results within your organization or make it publicly accessible.

Get a jumpstart with these helpful resources
Visualization options
Visualization options

Your cheat sheet to selecting the right data visualization in Insights for ArcGIS.

Recorded Webinar
Recorded Webinar

Discover the Power of Analytics with Insights for ArcGIS


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