PurVIEW from I.S.M. International Systemap Corp. helps you quickly transform ArcGIS Desktop into a precise stereo-viewing environment for geo-referenced aerial or space-borne imagery that enables 3D visualization and data capture.

Data quality is central to any GIS implementation, and positional accuracy of features, efficient data capture and viewing ease are paramount for an effective and reliable GIS. The ability to view 3D stereoscopic data using PurVIEW provides a source for new datasets and a valuable resource that quickly reveals data omissions, errors or changes. PurVIEW is ideal for users implementing a positional, feature-based GIS project or thematic application. From municipal government transportation and transmission corridor management to natural resource inventories and environmental assessments, PurVIEW is a valued tool for data quality assurance and precise feature editing. 

With PurVIEW, you can: 

  • Access your data with dynamic 3D visualization
  • Extract 3D positional attribute information
  • Digitize 3D features
  • Edit 3D data through direct geodatabase interaction
  • Enhance image display, brightness, contrast and gamma
  • View thumbnail image composition of the entire project
  • Utilize zoom-in stereo-viewing on demand, built-in scanned/digital
    frame-camera sensor model and Virtual-Z™ and Dynamic-3D™ support
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PurVIEW is available at three licensing levels:

PurVIEW - Explorer for ArcView

Inspect imaging delivery for quality assured geodatabase contents.

PurVIEW - Standard for ArcView or ArcEditor

Virtual-Z 3D editing and/or digitizing geodatabase.

PurVIEW - MX for ArcEditor

Intensive feature digitizing/retrofitting geodatabase.


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