To solve your unique challenges, we offer tailored, ready-to-use solutions built on the core ArcGIS Platform. Whether you’re a sales manager looking to gain a better understanding of your customer demographics, a transportation manager with a goal to optimize routing, a law enforcement officer who needs to better understand crime patterns, or a public works supervisor looking to automate service requests, we have a solution that’s right for you.
Featured Applications
The ArcFM Suite provides a complete out-of-the-box enterprise GIS solution for facilities management to meet the needs of utilities.
Assessment Analyst® is a powerful data creation, data maintenance and data analytics application that integrates building sketches, imagery, data and analytics. It fully integrates GIS with CAMA.
Assessment Analyst® – GAMA, binds the power of CAMA and GIS into one complete geo-enabled platform to support your valuation and property administration needs.
The Cityworks Suite provides a comprehensive set of applications for asset, work and property management.
Geocortex accelerates and amplifies your results with Esri’s ArcGIS platform.
Esri Canada AVL allows you to efficiently track vehicles in real time and take advantage of historical playback tools.
ArcGIS Business Analyst is a complete system for analyzing and visualizing your data.
Esri Community Analyst is a cloud-based solution that enables municipalities to drive policy using location analytics.

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