ArcGIS 10.5 is now live. Here are some of the key highlights of this release.
ArcGIS for Server Renamed to ArcGIS Enterprise

ArcGIS Enterprise represents the evolution of our GIS server technology into a complete GIS platform in your own infrastructure, supporting enterprises of any size. It provides a full web GIS experience integrated with ArcGIS Online and ArcGIS Desktop. ArcGIS Server is not going away: it simply becomes one of the fundamental components of ArcGIS Enterprise with the 10.5 release.

Learn more about ArcGIS Enterprise.

Insights for ArcGIS

A new application, Insights for ArcGIS, will be introduced as part of ArcGIS Enterprise 10.5. It represents an exciting way for users to explore and analyze data. Insights for ArcGIS provides a visual, intuitive and responsive user experience unlike anything we have seen in GIS before.

Review the new Insights for ArcGIS application.

Portal with Portal-to-Portal Collaboration

One of the new features of ArcGIS Enterprise is the ability to engage in portal-to-portal collaboration.  Portal collaboration allows you to share your maps, apps and content securely between multiple Portal for ArcGIS deployments. For example, if different departments or office locations each have their own ArcGIS Enterprise, they can collaborate and share content across departments and offices. Some organizations may want to use this new capability to coordinate the distribution of enterprise maps and other geo-information products with remote offices or across departments. It also allows those departments and offices to report up to corporate. This distributed web GIS capability will expand early next year by allowing collaboration between ArcGIS Enterprise and ArcGIS Online.

Learn more about portal-to-portal collaboration.

New Capabilities in ArcGIS Enterprise

The base ArcGIS Enterprise deployment provides foundational web GIS capabilities such as the ability to publish map and feature services, web mapping capabilities, story map templates, Web AppBuilder and lots of apps. In addition to this strong core set of functionality, you can expand the capabilities of ArcGIS Enterprise through additional ArcGIS Server roles.

New server roles include the highly anticipated ArcGIS GeoAnalytics Server that provides fast batch analysis of geospatial big data, ArcGIS GeoEvent Server (formerly GeoEvent Extension), ArcGIS Image Server (formerly Image Extension) and ArcGIS Business Analyst Server.

Get a detailed overview of the new ArcGIS Server licensing roles.

A New Named User Type

To make it easier to deploy web GIS across your organization, the 10.5 release of ArcGIS Online and ArcGIS Enterprise will have a new type of named user. The ‘Level 1’ named user is a lower cost type of user that will have view-only capabilities in your web GIS. Level 1 users can be members of groups, and can view private data and applications within your organization.

Your current named users will now be referred to as ‘Level 2’ users, and the capabilities and custom roles you have defined for these named users will remain unchanged.

Learn more about the new Level 1 named user.

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