Safe Communities

Safe Communities

Ensuring Safety and Security in the 21st Century
National security, defense and public safety agencies face challenges and threats that are more complex and unpredictable than ever before. While traditional threats still persist, a new set of challenges driven by extreme events have created an environment where missions and priorities change daily. The same workflows and approaches organizations have relied on for years are no longer effective enough to secure our nations and communities.

Esri’s ArcGIS software empowers safety and security agencies with a proven geospatial platform to create a safe community. With ArcGIS, organizations across multiple jurisdictions and levels of government can collaborate and share information on a single, accessible platform to achieve shared situational awareness. No matter the mission, ArcGIS empowers every organization with the capabilities they need to identify threats, preserve critical infrastructure and save lives.

Build and Maintain Safe Communities with ArcGIS

Every Community Can Be a Safe Community

With ArcGIS, you can implement key initial operating capabilities to support a safe community in a matter of days.


ArcGIS for Server/Portal for ArcGIS
Securely create, manage, publish and use data and maps that can be accessed by authenticated users.


Collector for ArcGIS
Empower field staff with the ability to view and collect mission-critical data from their mobile devices.


Operations Dashboard for ArcGIS
Monitor, track and report on incidents in real-time.


Esri Story Maps
Transform executive briefings, after action reporting and community engagement with engaging story maps.

Realizing the Safe Community Vision

Agencies and organizations around the world use ArcGIS to make their communities safer.


Qatar Unifies Emergency Response and Security

GIS connects local and national agencies to boost the country’s response capabilities with actionable information. 

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Qatar Unifies Emergency Response and Security
Keeping an Eye on the Port of Long Beach

Keeping an Eye on the Port of Long Beach

The Port of Long Beach uses real-time maps to monitor and protect 3,200 acres of critical infrastructure. 

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White Paper: How to Build Safe Communities

Safe Community Assessment
Webinar recording - Essential GIS Capabilities for Operations Centers

Originally aired on Thu. Sep 14, 2017; listen to the recording

This webinar was designed for managers and planners working in Operations Centers who need intuitive tools to plan special events, track incidents, allocate resources and manage their operations more efficiently.

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