Asset Management Consulting

Asset Management Consulting

If you’re an asset manager, it can be challenging to regularly make decisions about maintenance and rehabilitation (M&R) alternatives, especially when you have sparse data about the current condition of your organization’s assets, the relative risk of failure of these assets, as well as the initial costs and life cycle costs of maintenance. Historically, it’s been very difficult for asset-intensive organizations to optimize the selection of M&R investments each year, whether it be for a short or long planning horizon.

With Esri Canada’s Asset Management Consulting services, you can leverage a GIS-based approach to support your decision-making process. We’ll show you how to effectively prioritize the rehabilitation, renewal or replacement of your assets by leveraging GIS tools to perform model calculations and associated spatial analytics.

    Key Benefits

    • Get consistent, accurate analytical results via templated and reusable models for asset lifecycle, risk and integrated decision support
    • Increase efficiency through an automated approach to asset risk categorization and lifecycle planning.
    • Maximize the value of your GIS investment by leveraging your organization’s existing Esri software and GIS database of assets and other supporting layers for long-term capital planning and budgeting.
    • Easily distribute modelling results to your stakeholders using the ArcGIS platform (desktop, cloud, web and mobile) in support of collaborative capital planning, asset maintenance and operations.
    • Effectively prioritize M&R investments through greater insight into your critical and high-risk assets.
    • Get a complete picture of the condition of your assets by integrating your GIS with other business systems including specialized hydraulic modelling software, SCADA, computerized maintenance management systems and financial Systems.

    What This Service Provides

    Esri Canada has established asset management tools, which include an ArcGIS geodatabase data model and associate ModelBuilder models to help you efficiently manage your assets while leveraging your investment in Esri GIS technology, applications and data.

    Our approach consists of implementing these asset management tools incrementally using the following ModelBuilder models:

    1. Asset Lifecycle Model
    2. Asset Risk Model
    3. Integrated Decision Support Model

    Key Deliverables

    • A five-day onsite workshop with an Esri Canada Business Analyst to gather requirements for the asset management models
    • Model development using ArcGIS Model Builder
    • Model results walkthrough
    • Final Model tool files and installation
    • Training and support
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