Consulting Services

Consulting Services



Esri Canada consulting is here to support our customers and minimize the impact on projects due to interruptions from the COVID-19 pandemic. Our professional services team has many years of experience working remotely and can collaborate with you now to continue work on your projects or provide assistance with any new projects as needed. If you have any questions, please contact your Esri Canada account representative.

No matter the scope of your work, Esri Canada professional GIS consultants can help at the level that meets your needs.
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What We Offer

Team up with subject matter experts

Engage with thought leaders who are experienced in implementing innovative systems and applications in your industry.

Access cutting-edge capabilities

Esri consultants and partners apply the latest GIS capabilities that give your organization a competitive edge.

Realize value sooner

Esri consultants help you demonstrate the value of your GIS investment through improved workflows, operations and more.

Choose your level of engagement
Leverage our strategic advisory services for leadership in your organization. We’ll help you develop a location strategy that will transform your business.
Industry, domain and technical expertise to address real world needs.
Installation and configuration focused services to enable your teams to be productive sooner.

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