Moving ArcGIS to the Cloud

Moving ArcGIS to the Cloud

Do you want to move your ArcGIS system to the cloud?
We can help.

Our professional services team provides architecting, installation, configuration support and technology transfer to help you get your ArcGIS system up and running on a cloud platform.

Services Offered

During this engagement, we can cover the following standard activities:

  • Deliver an Amazon Web Services (AWS) or Azure orientation for ArcGIS
  • Assist in the setup and configuration of a cloud environment for your ArcGIS
  • Help create a technology transfer plan to move your ArcGIS to the cloud
  • Create a custom Amazon or Azure environment based on your supported configurations
  • Set up and configure an ArcGIS Server for Amazon EC2 Machine Image (AMI) or Azure instance
  • Load sample datasets
  • Create and validate sample ArcGIS Server services
  • Design a highly available and scalable architecture
  • Deliver data backup and snapshot creation services
  • Provide monitoring and security considerations
  • Develop caching strategies
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