Public Asset Management Solutions

Public Asset Management & Permitting Solutions

Esri Canada’s industry-focused professionals bring extensive national asset management experience into consulting services that enable you to efficiently manage public assets including water, wastewater, storm water, roads, traffic, parks, facilities, gas and electrical equipment. We can help you maximize your assets’ lifecycles through our innovative and proven approach.
Strategy and Planning

Developing an appropriate strategy and plan to support business processes and functional requirements is fundamental to successfully implementing GIS in support of improved maintenance, operations and infrastructure planning.  This service includes:

  • Visioning and strategic planning
  • Asset management and computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) maturity assessment
  • Building a GIS technology implementation strategy
  • Defining project requirements
  • Considering deployment options
  • Leveraging industry asset data models
Strategy and Planning
Analysis, Design and Development
Analysis, Design and Development

Following best practices at all stages of the design and development process is key to delivering successful GIS solutions. This service includes:

  • Designing your enterprise architecture
  • Designing geodatabases
  • Designing and developing asset data models
  • Designing and developing asset lifecycle and risk models
  • Designing and developing custom applications
  • Incorporating GIS within your enterprise (by integrating with corporate applications such as finance systems, asset management/work management systems, CRM, utility billing and SCADA)
  • Rapid deployment frameworks
Deployment, Operations and Maintenance

The deployment and production procedures you follow are paramount to your overall success, while developing a proper maintenance plan ensures the continued success of your deployment. This service includes:

  • Supporting installation and configuration
  • Maximizing performance and scalability
  • Creating digital data and migrating data
  • Promoting quality assurance/quality control
  • Standard and customized training
Deployment, Operations and Maintenance

Industry-Specific Implementation Services

Leverage our extensive experience in implementing GIS-based public asset management solutions for asset-intensive organizations. Our Public Asset Management solutions and services include: 

  • Strategic consulting: asset management and CMMS maturity assessment, state of infrastructure report, enterprise GIS roadmap, enterprise asset management
  • Enterprise asset management implementation
  • Land management, permitting and code enforcement
  • Esri GIS-based mobile workforce management
  • Operational awareness for a comprehensive view of your system, customer information and field activities
  • System integration to eliminate data silos and communicate among enterprise systems
  • Custom application development

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