Data Management


This course takes you on an in-depth exploration of the geodatabase, the native data storage format for ArcGIS software.

Master essential geodatabase concepts and acquire the skills you need to create a geodatabase, add data to it and model the real-world spatial relationships inherent to your data.

Prepare to successfully create a multiuser geodatabase to store and manage your organization's geographic data.

Learn a sound versioning workflow that minimizes disruption to editors, ensures the integrity of your organization's GIS data, and integrates well with existing business workflows.

This course teaches best practices to plan and implement geodatabase replication to support multiuser editing workflows and data-sharing initiatives.

Accurate data is essential to produce GIS maps and analysis results that support informed decision making.

This course teaches best practices to create accurate geographic data and maintain it over time.

Learn how to efficiently display CAD data with GIS layers in ArcGIS, use CAD data directly in ArcGIS geoprocessing and analysis operations, and import CAD data into a geodatabase.

This course explores the techniques and functionalities available to optimize the use of LiDAR data with ArcGIS software.

This course teaches how to streamline data validation to quickly identify features that do not meet your organization’s quality requirements.

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