This course introduces ArcGIS as a foundation for asset management. Learn how to maintain high quality data, make evidence-based decisions and engage staff, stakeholders and the public.

ArcGIS Utility Network Management, an extension to ArcGIS Enterprise, provides robust tools to model, visualize, edit and analyze complex utility networks.

The course covers concepts and workflows to map and visualize pipeline data, define behavior for events and route associations, and maintain accurate data.

Get an introduction to ArcGIS platform components and capabilities. In this course, you will explore ArcGIS Story Maps for mapping and visualization.

This 1-day hands-on course will go through the steps of producing 2D and 3D products from drone imagery.

This course introduces ArcGIS Pro software and a geographic approach that complements and enhances typical public safety workflows.

Explore scenarios to learn standard analysis workflow that will provide deeper insight into how location impacts public safety incidents, trends and operations.

Learn foundational geospatial concepts that support the intelligence cycle.

This course teaches geospatial concepts and recommended workflows that support the production of timely, accurate and actionable intelligence.

Learn best practices and workflows to visualize and extract meaningful information from satellite imagery, LiDAR and other remotely sensed data.

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