Petroleum Introduction to ArcGIS

This course is delivered by AllPoints GIS, a long-time Esri Network and Business Partner. AllPoints continues to teach and deploy ArcGIS where land and natural resource management, resource development and protection combine in increasingly complex and sensitive workflows. The team includes award-winning ArcGIS instructors, modelers, programmer and consultants with Petroleum industry knowledge drawn from long careers working for Mobil, Amoco (BP), Apache, Champlin (Anadarko) and QC Data (IHS).

Don’t miss this informative 2-day Introduction to ArcGIS course geared to petroleum exploration & production professionals.  Gain hands-on skills using ArcMap, ArcCatalog and ArcToolbox to visualize, integrate and analyze industry data.  You’ll create maps, query and select data, incorporate and edit tabular data, as well as work with map layers, symbology and more.
  • ArcGIS in Petroleum - what it is, how it's used
  • Visualizing data (ArcMap)
  • Querying and selecting data
  • Managing spatial data (ArcCatalog / Geodatabase)
  • Using tabular data for table joins and relates
  • Editing basics - creating, modifying and editing map data
  • Managing map layers and symbology
  • Coordinate reference systems - avoiding key “gotchas”
  • Many hands-on exercises
Who Should Attend
This class is ideal for first-time ArcGIS users working in any area of the petroleum industry – land, exploration, production, operations, pipeline or environmental health and safety.  Get started or renew your GIS skills with this course.



2 days

ArcGIS Desktop
Natural Resources
Oil & Gas
ArcGIS Version

10.2, 10.3

Students should be broadly familiar with industry data types (leases, wells, etc), using Microsoft Office including Excel and using Windows-based browsers to search data directories and file structures. Knowledge of petroleum software is a plus, but is not a requirement.
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