Using ArcGIS for LiDAR and Image Analysis in O&G - E&P, Pipeline, HSE

This course is delivered by AllPoints GIS, a long-time Esri network and business partner. AllPoints continues to teach and deploy ArcGIS where land and natural resource management, resource development and protection combine in increasingly complex and sensitive workflows. The team includes award-winning ArcGIS instructors, modelers, programmers and consultants with petroleum industry knowledge drawn from long careers working for Mobil, Amoco (BP), Apache, Champlin (Anadarko) and QC Data (IHS).

Learn best practices and workflows to visualize and extract meaningful information from satellite imagery, LiDAR and other remotely sensed data. Explore the dynamic raster processing options available in ArcGIS. Apply different image classification methods to categorize land cover features. Learn how to organize and prepare LiDAR data. Use LAS and terrain datasets to visualize and analyze LiDAR data. Manage collections of LAS files using mosaic datasets. Explore the most appropriate method and approach for a specific project aim and data set. Bring your project ideas and questions!
Who Should Attend
  • Science, engineering and GIS professionals interested in leveraging Esri tools to work with LiDAR data
  • Course content is geared to petroleum and natural resource analysis and planning
After completing this course, you will be able to:
  • Conduct interactive supervised image classification
  • Create a LAS dataset and explore LiDAR filters
  • Build terrains/analyze line of sight
  • Populate mosaic datasets
  • Compress LAS for dissemination and archiving
  • Create DEMs and DSMs from LiDAR
  • Define LiDAR data extent and area delineation
  • Obtain elevation information for building footprints
  • Estimate forest canopy, density and height
  • Delineate floodplains
  • Identify suitable sites
  • Estimate cut and fill using LiDAR
  • Conduct change analysis using phodar
  • Explore new 3D sample tools



2 days

ArcGIS Version

10.3, 10.4, 10.5

  • ArcGIS Desktop 10.5 (Basic, Standard or Advanced)
  • Students should be familiar with Spatial Analyst
  • 6-months of hands-on experience is suggested
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